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About The Book

The PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs is the secret entrepreneurial weapon which teaches you how to get the media to report about your product in the press which is read, seen and heard by your target customers.

It is filled with practical how-to information, usable templates, checklists and examples from real campaigns from brands you know. Originally inspired from the loins of a PR manual which product PR guru Alyson Dutch wrote for the franchisees of Mrs. Fields Cookies, the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs shares the methodologies, tools and strategies used for big brands, but is broken down into easy-to-use tactics that can be applied by any startup.

The book shares all Dutch used to transform and double the revenues of the nation's largest natural nutrition bar company, ThinkProducts, to launching new products for clients that range from Toyko Coca Cola's Green Terrace, celebrity-designed bras, the world's first fingertip disposable toothbrush and even interchangeable, interracial wedding cake toppers! The PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs spills the beans on what a PR agency does for their $6000 a month retainer; and how you can do it yourself.

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The Mechanics of Publicity

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When was the last time you had a great idea for a product?

Did you have the courage to actually make your dream into a reality?

Are you sitting there with the prototype in your hand or in your computer and feeling kind of stuck?

Why is it that now you have come this far, the process of getting someone to actually purchase your product seems to elude you?

Are You Wondering: "What the heck am I supposed to do next?"

"Am I the only one who thinks my idea is really as good as I think it is?"

"How do I find people to buy this thing?"

There are 3 important things you should know about how products become successful...

These 3 things are:

#1: The mistake that most entrepreneurs make is thinking that the ingeniousness of their product is what gives it value and makes others want to buy it... NAHT!

#2: A little known secret is that if you don't know exactly who will buy it and WHY, you have wasted your time and money.

#3: The most successful products are the ones that yell the loudest. It's sad, but the best product (or the prettiest girl) is never the most successful. Not fair, but true.

As a PR specialist in launching new products for more than 20 years, I know what I'm talking about. While I still work with clients launching their products into the mainstream, I realized that if I could just braindump everything I've learned over these years with specific examples from companies and products you'll recognize that range from Mrs. Fields Cookies to the Grammy's and Champagne Mumm, I could help a lot more people than we can fit onto our client roster. So, I did just that. The PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs is an amazing, easy resource guide, filled with templates, plans, pitch examples, easy to follow ways to build successful press lists, advice on how to talk to a journalist, the art of producing events that attract press coverage... tons of simple to use gems that will get your product talked about, to the right customer, at the right time.

Free Advice

So, you're up for living the dream, huh?

It looks like you are ready to step out into the wild blue yonder and become a real entrepreneur. I'm betting that you are highly inspired, excited and just know that you have millions of customers out there who are not only dying for the solution your product will provide, but are ready to throw down their credit card to get it now.

  • The only question is

    How do you reach them?

    I know exactly the soaring freedom and paralyzing fear you're feeling all at once. I know all about your dreams and a bit about where you've come from. I am familiar with that nagging dread of a dead-end job that is loosened at the mere thought of being unbound to do your own thing. There's nothing sweeter than the vision of truly succeeding (and maybe even well enough to afford sending your kids to Harvard).

  • I'm here to further inspire you

    And also provide you with real world sage advice

    That will make that dream into a real and solid business. You know, the kind of business that you can bet will always pay the mortgage, and insure you'll never have to slog away at another boring job that numbs your mind and spirit.

  • I've been called the CPG Maven

    Aand the Product PR Guru

    "CPG" is a Fortune 500 term that is used to describe any myriad of consumer product goods from neckties to rubber tires, perfume to paper. And, a guru, is, well; a guru. I'm just a gal who lives, breathes and loves her work, so I guess you could call me a guru. Over the years - and it's been a while - I've launched everything from basketball shoes that prevent ankle sprains to fingertip toothbrushes and interchangeable interracial wedding cake toppers. I've also publicized many lines extensions for big brands that you know, like Mrs. Fields Cookies, Swatch, Champagne Mumm, Perrier Jouet.

  • I've done PR work for the Grammy's, Sun City, South Africa during the fall of apartheid and I launched the career of the luxury lifestyle guru (yes, he's a guru!), Colin Cowie. I came from the entertainment world where I publicized tough-to-sell things, like the Miss Universe Pageants. I've worked with The Beach Boys, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor and a lot of other celebrities. My career's run the gamut, but it's always been in PR. The best news - the campaigns I've created have doubled revenues and launched concepts from $0.00 to $5M - all with an ROI of 350%-156,00% (yes, that's supposed to be 6 figures) And, as such, I've learned a thing or two about how publicity works to get the word out.

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Well, lucky for you, if you you'll get tons of FREE advice about how to do it. And, if it's not enough, you can always buy the book. But for now, try your luck with these missives and see how it goes.

About The Author

Find out more about Alyson and how she can help you...

Alyson Dutch

Writer & Publicist

A natural born publicist and passionate writer, Alyson Dutch is a consumer product/services specialist who has launched cookies for Mrs. Fields, green tea cappuccinos for Tokyo Coca Cola's Green Tea Terrace and the first sparkling wine geared for GenXer's, Cuvee M. She's created positioning platforms for personalities such as "luxury lifestyle designer," Colin Cowie to launch his books, TV shows and tabletop products. Her "celebrity bra designer" campaign for actress Amanda Kennedy helped to grow her Sassybax concept into a $5 million a year bra company. Before Crest's BrushUps hit shelves, Dutch launched the first "fingertip toothbrush" for Dental Dots with an award-winning "give bad breath the finger" campaign.

Dutch's product prowess comes from a background in the entertainment industry where she looked at clients like The Beach Boys, The Lion King theatrical productions and the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants as products. She leveraged the music industry's activist anthem of 'I Ain't Gonna Play Sun City" into CNN, Rolling Stone and Vogue reporting how the fall of apartheid in Sun City, South Africa changed the perception of the destination for Americans. Dutch booked celebrities for the first online celebrity chat rooms for America Online and Oldsmobile in the early 1990's as a way to indoctrinate online membership.

Always fascinated by how she can bring entrepreneurial products to the mainstream, she established Brown + Dutch Public Relations in 1996 and in 2007 finally downloaded her decades of knowledge into a book titled the "PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs." Dutch also shares her PR prowess in the audio series, the PR Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs.

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